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With its virtually maintenance-free design, the Halo Five system is a customer favorite. Its intelligent tank prevents clogging and self-cleaning means you don't have to change filters ever! And because this inline water conditioner works differently than other types of softeners out there; it doesn’t matter if your home needs salt or not--the high flow backwash helps keep things running smoothly without any pesky upkeep worries. Its ionization gives you better features than a salt system.


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Halo five whole house water filtration systems are on sale for a limited time only at REPIPE OC. The system is maintenance-free and comes with 10 years of warranty to back it up! Plus you get expert installation from our plumbing professionals so that your new appliances will be installed properly, and securely - giving peace in mind knowing these investments were made well


$3200 includes the filter and installation of the self-generating drain line. Because we are your repipe specialist for your home, we can offer a wide variety of options for locating your new Halo 5 system. The most common and recommended spot for the filter is right after the main water shut-off valve comes into your home. This way, all the water entering your home will be filtered, and we can bypass your sprinkler system.


 Hard water is the cause of many plumbing problems. Minerals found in hard waters like calcium and magnesium can build up on pipes, restricting their volume until they become unstable--this could lead to leaks or bursting at any moment! Halo five has developed a revolutionary product that not only softens but also reduces these harmful effects by breaking down what would otherwise be super-hard crystals into little pieces so you don't need an engineering degree just for your home's upkeep anymore--Halo 5 has got everything under control!! And Repipe OC is practically giving this away!!

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