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Recirculation Upgrades

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John had just moved into his new house and was excited to try out his newly acquired tankless water heater with his new home purchase! He turned on the tap and was expecting instant hot water to come gushing out, but nothing happened. After a few minutes of frustration, he called up a plumbing company about the tankless heater. They told him that it can take a few minutes for the water to heat up and travel through the pipes. They told him he should not turn off the tap until he feels hot water. John was annoyed but decided to give it another try. This time, he waited a little longer and sure enough, hot water came flowing out of the tap. He was so relieved! However, why was he not getting hot water right INSTANTLY???

Does my tankless water heater provide instant hot water or not?

The answer is YES but maybe not how some people like John are expecting. Like John, there is a common misconception that if you buy a Tankless water heater you will have instant hot water as soon as you open the hot water valve.

The fact is tankless water heaters (or instant hot water heaters) have a built-in motion sensor that detects water movement. At that moment the tankless will INSTANTLY start heating water internally. So when we hear the term INSTANT it refers to the internal technology within the tankless itself! Not in the home's hot water pipes. If you want REAL INSTANT HOT WATER you've come to the right place

Repipe OC can make this magic happen whether you are moving forward with a repipe or not! There are methods of achieving this without having to repipe your home and they work exceptionally well if you choose Repipe OC. HOWEVER, running a dedicated line during a repipe is the preferred method to achieve this magic. A recirculation pump located at your Conventional OR Tankless water heater with a dedicated LOOP line that cycles your hot water back to the hot water heater is the most effective. DON'T WORRY! There is still another recirculation method that does not require a dedicated LOOP and it's called the COMFORT series. With this method, we use heat sensors under sinks to draw cold water (resting in the hot water line) into the cold side where it belongs! When the sensor feels hot water its stops. You may be thinking a recirculation system sounds wasteful. However, recirculation pumps are equipped with timers, so the water heater won't remain heating up water round the clock. The user decides what times they want the hot water to be INSTANT. Imagine all the water being wasted waiting for hot water in faucets and showers! Well, about 280 million gallons of hot water are wasted each DAY!!!


Slab leak repair Orange County

Repipe OC can make this magic happen. Please consider upgrading your repipe with a recirculation pump upgrade or ask us about running a LOOP line for future recirculation pump installation. During the repipe, we can provide this extra line for an additional $300 to run this line any other time could cost between $1500 to $3000 dollars and in most cases will not include drywall & texture repair. Repipe OC includes drywall & Texture patches with all of our repipes. This is why we recommend considering the recirculation pump or line as an upgrade with the repipe

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